A Race to discover the New World..

In the 15th and 16th Century many countries were on a quest to conquer the New World. These countries included France, England, Spain and Portugal. They wanted Power and Control over this land for commercial, material and financial interests. While Spain and Portugal fought mainly for the lands now known as Central and South America, France and England were more interested in the northern territories.

The English denied going to America for business purposes and challenged anyone who contradicted them. They were motivated by the tremendous economic opportunities available to them if they invested in the country by having colonies and businesses in America. But it was the fur trade that really got people fighting for the land. The fur trade, at the time, was an extremely lucrative business and anyone who could claim such a land with an amazing business was obviously the one who would win. That is how it all started…

{This Information is based on the book by Donald Gingras called Window of Hope…and Reconciliation. }

Do you have something to tell Canada?

If you have a slogan or message you would like to appear around the city regarding Canada, Quebec and Natives let us know. Every week we will announce a winner and his or her quote will appear on stickers spread around Montreal.

Leave a comment with your own quote and you could run in to it!

Canada is my neighbour!

Canada and Quebec...proud to be neighbours? lol

Hello Canada! Bonjour Canada!

Welcome et bienvenue to UnitedCanada!

This is our first post and we are so excited to get this project going by blogging with you about the Canadian-Quebecois-Native Conflict we face as Canadians. 

When you come to Canada you may notice the tension between English and French Canadians as well as with the Natives. Over the past years conflicts have risen amongst the different children of Canada. Although, this conflict can be seen as somewhat new, it may surprise you to know that this conflict dates back to conflicts that started in Europe even before the discovery of this country.

This project started off as a class group project where we were asked to find a way to bring the English, French and Natives together.

How do you solve such a BIG conflict!? Where can you even start??

Here’s a blog on the approach we took: Communication and Education.

What you think is true might not be, and the hate you have against the other culture might actually just be rumors from past generations!

Did you know? Canadians don’t want Quebec to seperate! They appreciate us and find we add flavor to the Country. The English and the Natives accepted us even when FRANCE kicked us out. Yes we feel orphaned but the rest of Canada likes us…they just feel we dislike them.

And Canada…did you know? Quebecois feel that you don’t understand us…we don’t feel part of the Canadian family and we want our own little place that we can call home…that is why we are so angry. Where is home?

Do you wanna talk about it? Feel free to comment and say what’s on your mind anywhere in the blog.

Thank you for being a part of this movement to change. Let’s build a United Canada, a place we can call home. 

— If you want to read more about this issue take a look at Donald Gingras’ book on the 400 years of Canadian History that made us and many others think