A Race to discover the New World..

In the 15th and 16th Century many countries were on a quest to conquer the New World. These countries included France, England, Spain and Portugal. They wanted Power and Control over this land for commercial, material and financial interests. While Spain and Portugal fought mainly for the lands now known as Central and South America, France and England were more interested in the northern territories.

The English denied going to America for business purposes and challenged anyone who contradicted them. They were motivated by the tremendous economic opportunities available to them if they invested in the country by having colonies and businesses in America. But it was the fur trade that really got people fighting for the land. The fur trade, at the time, was an extremely lucrative business and anyone who could claim such a land with an amazing business was obviously the one who would win. That is how it all started…

{This Information is based on the book by Donald Gingras called Window of Hope…and Reconciliation. }


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