The English

How do YOU feel being an Anglophone in Quebec? How would you improve the relationship between the French and English speaking Quebecers? Why do you think this problem exists?  We want to hear your thoughts on these issues.  Maybe we don’t know how everyone feels and that’s why there exists this conflict. The only way to get around our problems is through dialogue.

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3 responses to “The English

  1. Being an anglo in Quebec is great. Sometimes annoying cause more people speak french and not english rather than english and not french, but for the most part i like the diversity, it makes Quebec different from every other province. Obviously there is some conflict between french and english speakers, but i personally havent been affected.

  2. I hate having to speak french because the french pretend they don’t speak english. Like wtf, we have to make an effort to speak ur language, make an effort to speak ours. Kick ass stickers downtown. cool idea.

  3. As a francophone studying in an english university, I just want to point something out. If I would decide to leave the province of Quebec and start a new life in, let’s say, Calgary… Would that make sense if I started to be mad at anglophones because I am making an effort to speak their language while they are not? I don’t think so…
    Canada has 2 official languages, and in my opinion, someone that decides to live in Quebec should not complain that they have to make an effort to speak french.
    As long as I don’t mind speaking french or english in Montreal, I do appreciate when an anglophone makes an effort to speak french. In my opinion, being able to speak both languages quite well should be an issue of pride… It is not the end of the world and it is a great proof of respect.
    … and that goes for anglophones and francophones…

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